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    How to un-install the add-ons?

    Michael.Renner techies

      I suspect the errors I got make my Workbench unusable – I can't deploy my app and get oo memory errors just after launch…

      a pitty I didn't get feedback on the log intercepter errors.



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          Mark Jiao

          Hi, Michael:

          Could you give more information on what operation you did before you got the out of memory error? What's the maximum mermory of your system and how long you keep running your Workbench? Please attached logs or screenshot if you could.


          You could find the uninstallation guide there:


          If you have an existing version of the LiveCycle Workbench ES2 Add-ons installed, perform an uninstall prior to installing the new version:

          1. Go to Help > Software Updates > Manage Configurations.
          2. Expand Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES2 in the left panel.
          3. Select Adobe LiveCycle Workbench ES 9.5.0 and right click to Uninstall.