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    Effects have annoying lines once saved


      Hi everyone


      I am new to this forum and new to Adobe Premier Elements


      I have version 4.0


      Whenever I try and use Lightning or Particle effects I have a serious problem when I save the video


      The effects have horizontal lines running through them (please note these lines are MORE apparent in the actual vid I made, in this screen capture they don't look that bad)


      can anyone tell me what settings I can use to avoid this?

      I am saving in 1080i (windows media)


      Also in the preview window of my project there are NO lines.


      I am looking to buy AE soon and if I this problem is hardware related (can't see how as Vegas works fine running at full capacity) I need to know


      any help would be greatley appreaciated






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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          Can you tell us all about your Project Preset, and about the source files that you are using and applying the Effects to? Possibly something there.


          Also, can you give us the complete setting for your WMV Export/Share?


          Good luck,



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            RazAkhtar Level 1

            Thanks for the speedy response


            My project presets are


            General -

            Frame Size : 1440x1080

            Pixel Aspect Ratio: HD anamorphic (1080) [unchangeable]

            Display Format: 25fps Timecode


            Rendering -

            Compressor: Microsoft Video 1 (Temporal Quality Ratio 0.75) [Could this be the issue?]

            Colour Depth: Thousands of Colours



            The file going in is -





            The finished saved file is

            HD 1080i 30


            29.97 fps

            Video Codec: Windows Media V9

            Encoding Passes : one

            Bitrate Mode: Constant

            Pixel Aspect ratio 4:3


            Keyframe Interval : 4

            Buffer Size: default

            Average video Bitrate: 8000

            Peak video Bitrate: 10000

            Peak video buffer size : 5


            I didn't adjust or change any of these settings


            Hope this helps



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              RazAkhtar Level 1



              I have just noticed that this issue is occuring when I view the video Full screen


              When I double click the file it appears ok in windows media but is quite small so when I select Full screen the lines appear.




              this very weird


              When I magnify the preview screen in elements to 100% The lines appear!!

              However when I chosee any other magnifictaion 200, 800, the lines Dissapear!


              It seems like this problem is occuring when the video is being viewed at a specific setting

              could it be my monitor?