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    Contact form flash catalyst tutorial

    maczounds Level 1

      Urgently need help  with a tutorial for a contact form in flash catalyst.
      Please do not talk to me about coldfusion, because I do not understand one line of code.


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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Although you can create the visual layout of your form using Flash Catalyst, you are going to have to complete your project in Flash Builder and use some server side coding (ColdFusion, PHP, etc). Wish I had better news. If you look in the Flex forums I am sure you can find some tutorials on how to move forward. It really is not that hard.


          Good luck,


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            maczounds Level 1

            Thanks Chris, I'll take a look at the developers forum





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              No, it really IS that hard. 


              Just ask my much younger and smarter colleague, who, sitting next to me, has been cursing and crying at our monitor all morning long trying to figure out how to make a "simple" javascript alert pop up when someone tries to order less than the minimum quantity of ticketbooks on our mass-transit related site!


              It takes me back to something my boss said in 1985 when I decided to show him how easy it would be to create a spreadsheet with one of these here new-fangeled "DOS" computers.  After watching me fumble and flail around for about 15 minutes, he finally said "User-friendly, huh?  You know when these things are going to be 'user-friendly'?  When you can push a button that says 'Make a spreadsheet'---and it makes a damned spreadsheet!"


              Twenty-five years later, and that's EXACTLY how I feel about javascript, PHP, coldfusion, etc., etc, and for that matter, CSS and XHTML!


              I want a form!  Why can't I push a button that makes a damned form?! I HATE code!  Hate it hate it hate it!  And not just because I'm a pathetically right-brained, Mac-loving designer-type---though that's certainly true. 


              Learning code forces a human to think like a machine, and for 99.9% of the population that's about as unhealthy thing as could possibly happen.  Why can't the .1% that finds something like


              function calcQty() {

              for (var i =1; i <=8; i++){

              var temp=eval('document.Form1.qty'+i+'.value');

              if (temp!=""&&!isNaN(temp)){

              eval('qty'+i+' = parseInt(temp)');



              eval('qty'+i+' = 0');


              congenial take care of the mechanics---then close the damned hood and hand us the keys?

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                owdgit Level 1

                Ernesto . . . .I'm totally with you on this one! For years now programmers have been gleefully 'making everyones life easier' making it possible for anyone with a computer system to take the bread from the mouths of skilled professionals namely designers, photographers and illustrators.
                Are these children of asperger jealous of those who can think outside the box? I don't see anyone rushing to build applications that completely eliminate 'programmer/developer input' that's because they are elitist protectionists who have had and want it all their own way.


                I despise them with a vengeance!!!!!!! They have done the same to every other profession bar their own!!!!!


                Yeah I did some programming in the 70's it was boring as hell fortran, cobol, basic and the old green screen monitors . . . It still bores the crap out of me now

                so I have an inbuilt aversion to it . . . . Adobe, on behalf of creatives the world over please write a cohesive solution that does away with the need for damned developer code completely. You know what functions we require to be truly free so get on with it and deliver. - PS cut out the acronyms they are so 80's and so vacuous!!!!