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    VAST Inline Video ClickThrough




      i'm trying to add some prerolls to my video player.

      works like a charm!


      the one thing i cant get to work are the clickthroughs.

      in the VASTNewSample (http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/osmf/tags/1.0gm/apps/samples/libs/VASTNewSample)

      the click events for the preroll work automaticly.


      I'm using a vast document generated by an openx adserver.

      vastVersion is 1 which means the vast1MediaGenerator is used to create the media element.

      vastMediaGenerator = new VASTMediaGenerator();
      var place:String = VASTMediaGenerator.PLACEMENT_NONLINEAR;
      var vastElements:Vector.<MediaElement> = vastMediaGenerator.createMediaElements(vastLoadTrait.vastDocument, place);
      for each(var mediaElement:MediaElement in vastElements)
      _player.media = mediaElement;                   


      any suggestions?