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    Duplicated Flash and Adobe Reader Files cannot be removed -- Help!


      I've just had the pleasure of reloading my XP home OS.  A backup file was created.  Now that all has been restored I cannot remove the CMAP folder and contents as well as the Flash folder and contents from the back-up folder...I've downloaded the Adobe removal tool, but it only works on installed versions...this is a copy or backup.  I've contacted the Adobe Chat folks and been told to caugh up a fee...not happening


      Following a thread earlier posted, I attempted to follow the long list of steps published by Adobe to claim ownership of the files, and change security settings, and then remove the duplicated files. The problem is, the "tabs" refered to do not exist as options when starting the process by right clicking on 'Properties'.


      Can anyone lend a hand??   Many thanks in advance!

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          Adobe marks key files as their own, preventing moving, erasing, etc.  XP Home does not offer the security tab feature to take ownership of the files, and then deal with them


          After some serious efforts, I have now removed the duplicated files, and made sure my installation of XP Home has the necessary security tab features to see all files, and take ownership of those that have been placed by a provider wanting to insure as much security as possible.


          Hopefully, this brief overview of the solution will be of help to someone.