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    ProResHQ support (or lack of perhaps)


      Just quick question about ProResHQ support in CS5:


      Being a long-time Premiere user, I've not really handled much of that particular intermediate format unless I've been working on an FCP workstation. However, I thought I'd have a play around with some ProRes clips on my new HP laptop as a manner of testing the playback quality of this format within the latest iteration of Premiere, which I had heard supports this format natively. However, on playback in a timeline, I have found both 1080p and 720p clips playback smoothly only for a second or two and then become stuttery. This happens whether the playback resolution is set to 1/2 or 1/4 though there is a clip that I found that is "SD" resolution that plays back fine even in full quality. Curiously, all of these clips play back fine on quicktime player...


      Before the assumptions are made that my system my system probably isn't coping with the resolutions, let me clarify a few things. I have also been testing some R3D 4K footage recently with effects and colour corrections and cutting projects shot on the Canon 7D too and all this has played back as smooth as butter. I have also made sure that the ProRes clips I have imported are playing back using the correct sequence settings using the method of dragging-and-dropping on the "new item" icon in the project bin. I have a core i7, 4GB RAM, 1GB Nvidia 230M (I have used the documented "hack" to enable CUDA acceleration in Premiere as seen here: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2791514#2791514) and so get a yellow bar most times, as I have in this case too with the ProRes clips. I have tested both scenarios where Mercury is software only and where GPU acceleration is enabled, but in both cases, the video is not smooth, which is disappointing.


      So I just want to check if I have read into the marketing correctly and confirm whether or not Premiere Pro CS5 does actually support ProRes playback natively? It's not really a biggie for me as I do prefer the native root, of course, but it would have been more useful if I were involved in any projects in future that were cross-platform, working alongside FCP editors, so if it's not actually supported properly, is there any plan to fix this soon?


      Ok, so this wasn't such a quick question after all....

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          ProRes works here, on a less-powerful laptop and a more-powerful desktop.

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            milkykaush Level 1

            hmph! well that's just annoying then cos it means I'm having an individual issue of some sort (maybe) :\

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              My guess would be that the bit rate of the ProRes clips you're using is just too high for your hard drive. Are you editing off of your system hard drive (as I'm guessing you are since it sounds like you're using an off-the-shelf laptop)? If so, you can expect pretty lousy editing performance, particularly with high-bitrate codecs like ProRes. I edit off a second hard drive in my laptop, and off a RAID in my workstation; the drives are able to keep up with the bitrate, even on my lower-powered laptop.


              Post your hard drive setup, and we might be able to figure out more.

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                milkykaush Level 1

                Actually you may be right on this one. I was thinking the same as this was a quick first test to see what it could do and I didn't account for the bit-rate issue of this particular codec.  Curiously, the R3D footage I've been testing off the system drive plays more stable than this footage! However, I'm primarily using a WD external dual-disk RAID-0 drive over esata, which does in fact seem more stable overall... I just assumed that this footage would playback as smoothly as everything else I've been throwing at Premiere so far! Thanks for your helpful thoughts Colin - mystery solved!

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                  milkykaush Level 1

                  Quick update on ProRes playback - just did the update to 5.0.2 which seems to have fixed plenty of bugs and improved performance overall! Just did a test of those same clips off my system drive only and they now playback as smooth as butter, even without a RAID enabled setup However, for proper edits, I will of course be using my external raid drive for a more stable workflow!


                  Hurrah Adobe for your great and frequent product updates for this edition!