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    Can you link to different places within the same document?

    imadecookies Level 1

      In Fireworks CS4, is it possible to link to different places within the same page?  I have created a subnavigation for one of my websites that resides within the main content of the page; this section serves to highlight multiple things by using as little space as possible.  I have created rollover buttons for the nav, and I would like to have different "images" populate when you click on the button.  I do not just want image swaps with a rollover, as there are links to different web pages within these "images."  Can someone please offer advise?  I really do not want to use Flash for this project as the load time for the page will increase exponentially (already tried this avenue ). 



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          pixlor Level 4

          If you mean, can Fireworks make one image link to multiple/different pages, then no.


          You can't do it in Fireworks because you can't do it in HTML.


          In HTML you have objects that have properties. Some properties can be changed with JavaScript code. For example, the image rollover is done with JavaScript code. Rollovers are very common, so many programs that produce HTML will have rollover JavaScript code as part of their standard exports.


          On the other hand, cycling through a list of images and associated URLs is not common, so it is not built in to Fireworks (or even Dreamweaver, as far as I know). It would be possible, but you'd have to write custom JavaScript code in a text editor, Dreamweaver, or another HTML authoring environment.