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    PE 8 Continually crashing


      When I attempt to edit  Premiers Elements it continually crashes.  Being a wedding photographer, I also add some video clips as a bonus.  For example, I am trying to do a video show with just transitions, and a couple of titles, and although there are many clips, they only total about 9 minutes.


      Each wedding, involves saving a few transitions, then the inevitable crash occurs.  It also happens if I render, so now I leave that until the end.


      I use a Nikon D90 camera which takes HD.  I import the clips from Organizer, and use smartfix.

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          IAN JULIAN Level 1

          By the way, I do have a powerful computer with 8 gb of Ram, and never have any problems with other programmes, such as Photoshop.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            First, with the Nikon Video, you will need a good MJPEG CODEC installed. Do not know if one ships with the Nikon, or not. It could be installed with Nikon's utilities, the driver, or be separate on the DVD. If you do not have the one from Nikon, you can get either the Morgan, or the MainConcept MJPEG CODEC.


            Now, for stills, you will want to do all Scaling in PS, before you Import them into a PrE Project. Depending on exactly what you need to do, say animating Pans & Zooms, you can go a little bit larger, than the Project Preset, but too large, and you will get crashes. This ARTICLE will give you tips. Also, besides making things MUCH more stable, the quality of the stills will actually be improved. This is one case, where bigger is not better.


            As for the system, please be aware that video editing is MUCH more intensive, than even doing large HDR editing in PS.


            Also, having other programs and processes loaded can very negatively impact the operations of a video editor. This ARTICLE will give you tips on setting up your computer for an editing session.


            Last, PrE (and PrPro) will interface with your audio and video drivers, more than almost any other program, that you might have. These need to be updated to the very latest. Also, Apple's QuickTime plays a very large roll with PrE - even if one is NOT editing any Apple footage. Update that too.


            Good luck,



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              IAN JULIAN Level 1

              Thank you for your reply.


              However, further to my previous problem, I have now discovered that in fact my computer can handle PE 8.  the problem is soely when I click 'Transitions' and it then always closes.  Apart from this it is okay.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                There was a series of threads, where users had similar issues. In every case, that I recall, the problem was the video card, and the video card drivers. Also, the PrE 8.0.1 update addressed many video card issues. Have you updated to that release? If not, that would be my first action. Then, I'd be updating my video card driver (I'd also do the audio card's driver for good measure), and checking my version of QT Player.


                Good luck,



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                  IAN JULIAN Level 1

                  Thank you for that information.  I did check my driver, and it stated this is the latest version already installed.  As I am not a computer expert, I am not keen to tamper with things I do not understand, so may have to leave things as they are, unless a friend or an expert can sort me out. I wonder if this problem may be solved in PE 9, when it is released?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    About the only times that I can recall, where a newer version helped things sort out, were with the two updates, PrE 3.0.2 (added Vista support), and PrE 8.0.1 (fixed some display issues with both ATI and nVidia cards). Beyond these dot "patches," each new full version of the program, has added enough new features to bog down older systems (older to that particular version). If a computer cannot run PrE 7, for instance, the likelihood that PrE 8 will "fix" things is quite small. I feel that it will be the same with PrE 9. Now, Adobe could change things about, and one could have a more stable version in the end, but if it is a system issue, I would not expect that anything in the newer version would fix the system.


                    When PrE crashes, the most common causes are, and in this order:


                    1.) System

                    2.) Assets

                    3.) Project Preset

                    4.) OE

                    5.) Bugs in the program


                    When attempting to troubleshoot a problem, that is the direction that I take. I do not have any figures, but would guess that System issues are probably around 40%, with the next two combining for maybe 50%. OE would come in at about 9% and true Bugs around 1%. Remember, that is only a guess on my part, but with the number of issues resolved, that is about how troubleshooting has shaken out.


                    I do not recall now, if we have gotten the complete specs. of you System. If not, this ARTICLE might be helpful.


                    The Nikon footage should not be THAT big an issue, if everything else is fine, and you have a good MJPEG CODEC. Some users still have issues, even with the MJPEG CODEC installed, but most of those have traced back to an issue with their Systems.


                    Good luck,