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    Flash CS4 losing my panel groups

    Customs Anne Level 1

      I've noticed recently (the last week) that when I open Flash CS4, the Tools panel and the Actions/Timeline/Compiler Errors/Output panel group are not automatically open, like they always were before. Does anyone know of anything I could have changed by accident?


      At the same time this started happening, I have a file that has a moving hot spot that is set with keyframes (depending where the active button is on the bitmaped screen capture behind the button). Even though the  button's onRelease handlers are advancing the timeline correctly, my button is not in the right place in the runtime version. If's still fine in the development environment. It's like the layers are out of sync with each other.


      I was wondering if maybe my Flash has gotten corrupted. Or could something else be the problem? Could these two things be related?

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          Karthik R. Level 2

          I dont think your flash IDE is corrupted.

          The panel problem could be because you might have used a shorcut key you were not aware of there by changing the settings.

          Open your flash IDE, select the view and select all the menubars and panels that you wish to use. Just close the IDE once you are done with this.

          The IDE stores your preference when you close it.

          Now re open and Voila the panels must be in tact again.