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    Running a specific SWF file from a certain URL

      I need to run my Flex SWF from a URL like this:


      Where "applicationName" can be anything we predefine and it can be passed to the Flex SWF so we can determine which application the user wants to run. How can we do this?
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          Let me see if I can get this one right.. "applicationName" would be a directory, so you'd have to do this for any and all seperate application directories. To at least make an index.cfm for each that would relocate the user to a central directory point. Then maybe this central application directory point would have an index.cfm that would extract the "applicationName" from the referer url which it would use in some way with parameterize values in the Flash object code inclusion to get and serve the appropriate swf file.

          Trying to explain it is more complicated than actually doing it.