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    Synchronizing AiR SQL Lite with Server MySQL

    VirtualCoder Level 1

      Hi Folks,


      I have a need to keep my AiR application's local data (in SQL Lite) in sync with my Server side data (in MySQL). 


      If possible (please tell me if it is or not) I was thinking of building on the server a copy of an SQL Lite database that would contain all of the CRUD records for the previous hour (for an hourly sync scheme) that was also encrypted and then each client AiR app would simply download that SQL Lite db and merge it into the local master.  I am thinking of this because I have found online storage that does not charge for bandwidth.


      However, are there better schemes?

      Is there perhaps an encryptable transaction log file that can be downloaded and applied to the desktop SQL Lite db?

      How would you do such a synchronization?


      Can XML files be encrypted on the server then decrypted by AiR on the client, reasonably safely?


      Also, even for encrypting the local AiR SQL Lite db, how does one hide the encryption key or rather, where can I read up on this whole issue?