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    Lost camera raw information


      I have been searching for this problem but have not found somthing similar to my experience.

      I recently reinstalled my computer due to some hardware problem and had to reinstall CS5 to, but when I opened my Raw files, which I sometimes edit Camera raw with such as exposure, sharpness etc., had lost all the adjustments that had earlier been made.

      The preference is set to read to camera raw database and not .xmp but still all my adjustments had been lost.

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          Gyno-jiz Level 5

          You need to restore your old Camera Raw database.


          More about where it probably lived here (CS4):


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            Joacimsc wrote:


            …The preference is set to read to camera raw database and not .xmp…


            One of the co-authors of THE book on Camera Raw referred to that practice as lunacy.  The original post in this thread illustrates one of the reasons why. 

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Personally I think littering up the disk with extra .xmp files has downsides too, which for me at least outweigh problems that might be encountered with using the separate database.  I have never had a problem with my separate Photsohop Camera Raw database.


              I'm very glad to have the option to save the settings in a common database.  I sincerely hope Adobe does not eliminate the option in a future release.


              From the sound of the above posts, folks seem to be treating the location/file where the data is stored as some kind of mystery...  Why?  On Windows the file is named Database (with no filename extension) and is found in these folders (depending on what OS you're running):


              Vista and Windows 7:



              (paste the above path into the address bar of Windows Explorer)


              For example for me this works out to be:





              %USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw


              For example:

              C:\Documents and Settings\NoelC\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\Database


              Database is just a file, and can be backed up, restored, copied from one computer to another, etc. just like any other file.  Windows 7 Backup, I believe, backs up all the files under the user profile in its default backup configuration.



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                Joacimsc Level 1

                Since I got several BSOD a day I had to format the harddrive, so I'm guessing that my database is long gone. Shame that I didnt find this information earlier. Thanks anyway.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  You didn't save a backup?  May I recommend you start doing backups.  External USB MyBook drives with multi-terabyte capacity are INCREDIBLY inexpensive.  You should look into it.



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                    Joacimsc Level 1

                    I was easily fooled that RAW file database was saved in the file instead of on the computer.

                    But I have learned my lessons and will do backups from now on.

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                      When you save the metadata to xmp files in distributed folders, the xmp files travel along transparently every time you move or copy the files to a different location or to a different volume in Bridge.  Otherwise, you have to remember to export the metadata every single timeThat's sheer lunacy.