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    Cannot configure return type


      Hello I'm having major problem's trying to configure a return type for a function. I can connect to the service, but when i try to configure the return type (auto detect return type from sample date) and then enter the values i get this error:


      The return object contains an invalid property name "Date" that does not confrom to the actionscript name identifers.


      This is the text i enter for the return type


      ParameterSelect TypeEnter value
      TeamNamestringCarney Jackpot


      however in php my admin, if i go to the table and perform the sql query it works, here is the sql query i used:


      SELECT * FROM transactions where TeamName = "Carney Jackpot" and TransactionType ="Deposit" and date >= "11/04/2010" and date <= "11/04/2010"


      The function i am trying to configure the return type is here:


      public function generateReport($TeamName, $trasaction, $startDate, $finishDate) {
                $connection = mysqli_connect("###","###","###","###") or die(mysqli_connect_error());
                $sql = "SELECT * FROM transactions where TeamName = '". $TeamName. "' and  TransactionType = '". $trasaction . "' and Date >= '" . $startDate . "' AND  date <='" . $finishDate.  "' ";
                $result = mysqli_query($connection, $sql) or die('Query failed: ' . mysqli_error($connection));
                $rows = array();
                while($row = mysqli_fetch_object($result)) {
                     $rows[] = $row;
                return $rows;


      I think it may be the transactions table thats not working right, beause i can connect to any other table just fine.


      Thanks for any help