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    Adobe After Effects - Masking Help/Problem!?


      I will try and explain this clearly...
      I am making a jump effect, so I am making myself jump.
      I masked myself, clicked in the transform tab "rotation" and "position"
      and then I moved myself up into the sky. Except, it didn't look right, because the size was too big when I made . So I tried clicking on each keyframe I had made, selected the mask, and made it smaller. Except, instead of changing the size on each keyframe, it just changes the size of the mask altogether! So if I go back to the beginning of the scene, the mask is too small, I take it to the original size again, but the size is then too big for when I fly into the sky.
      So each keyframe I have made (of me jumping higher into the sky), I want the mask to get smaller.


      P.S. Please don't mention rotoscoping, its not what I'm after for. I just want to decrease the size of my mask, in each keyframe, so every keyframe the mask gets a little bit smaller.