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    DV workflow audio setup question....


      I have two new CS5 editors in my news department that are replacing some aging Avid NewsCutter XP systems.


      On the Avid, there was a Mojo DV breakout box with Line in/out and DV in/out.  The Mojo breakout box was 6 Pin Firewire to the PC, and the DV DSR-25 was looped DV off of the Mojo.


      On the new system with CS5 I don't have the mojo of coarse just planned to use DV.  I have the deck directly to the PC, and have my speakers to the line out of the PC.


      What I have found is I can hear my audio fine during editing when the "Realtime Preview" is set to "Desktop Audio", but I get no audio on my deck when using export to tape.


      If I change the Realtime Preview to External device it works through the deck but I get no audio from the timeline unless I am scrubbing back and forth.



      My solution at this point is I must loop my speakers off of my DV deck to have this work all the time, but then I lose windows sounds unless I do some form of external mixer or use the second Balanced input on my speakers.  Also muting the speakers when recording Voice over tracks to the timeline might be an issue.


      What would you all recommend to set this up. What was the normal DV tape based workflow?  The guy in India I spoke with couldn't help much.


      All use of Premiere for us before now was on laptops at our bureau's, but because they send their video over FTP as a .mpg file we never had to export back to tape, and they are running CS3.


      Thank you,

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          In this case I would look at a little mixer and route both the onboard and the outs on the DV deck to it. I don't know of any firewire based i/o devices that will allow you to monitor both. There are many options if you go out analog, HDMI, or SDI, but not firewire like the Mojo. Have you set both the Preview and the Export in the playback settings to the 1394 device btw? I have not tried what you are doing but it might work. Otherwise a mixer would be the easiest solution unless you want to export to this DV deck via component or the other analog.




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            KCWY_News_13 Level 1

            The Realtime Playback and the Export are both set to DV output.  What would fix the issue is to have another set of radio buttons under the export option allowing you to have desktop audio during editing and External Device when exporting to tape.


            I guess since use of tape is going away it won't matter.... When we upgrade to HD camera's we will likely have SD cards from them and will export to a format our production servers will use..


            One of the other things I lose using External Device audio looping to the speakers off of the RCA jacks on the DSR-25, I can't use the great volume keys on the Premiere Pro keyboard.  They track to the windows sound control.


            The Recording to the timeline is not and issue as the mute timeline audio setting kills it while laying down tracks.  Oh well can't win them all.


            Any other idea's....

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              The audio mixer would be the option then. That would give you the ability to monitor regardless of what you are doing between multiple outputs.