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    User Settings in Multi-user setup?


      We are using two new CS5 editors in our news department.  We set the machines up on our Domain partly for being able to use NTFS permissions and because our IT department hates stand alone machines.


      The issue we are having is that each person logs in as a Domain User which give similar rights as a local user would have.  The editor seems to work fine and we don't seem to have any problems with doing this other than each user must setup about 15 settings for the first time.


      They have to change the location of where the project is created to the 500 GB E:\ drive that we have shared on the network (this is for being able to copy and entire project from one editor to the other), then they have to change the DV-NTSC preset for correct audio tracks and then change the General tab settings for Playback through DV Realtime Settings (why is this no longer the default, doesn't anyone still use tape??).  Then they save a preset.  After that the preset will give the correct audio and sequence settings except the "Playback Settings" does not seem to track from one project to the next.


      Then they have to change the source channel mapping to Mono so the two tracks we record in the field, Interview/standup on track 1 and Natural sound on track two don't come in as stereo audio. (this one seems to stay for new projects under that user)


      Then they have to change the audio hardware to enable the "line in" for recording tracks from our mixer.



      PHEW!!!, as you can see this is a time consuming annoying issue to have every user have to do this.


      Is there a way to make some of these settings the default for any user that uses the PC?  I don't want to go back to a shared project setup like we had under Avid as it caused a lot of issues with people deleting other peoples stuff.


      Any idea's on making these settings stick would be great,  Do I need to allow "Domain Users" full write acces to the Premiere Program Files directory?


      Thank you,

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          So, are you saying that each user only needs to set these once and they stick, or they have to set them up each time they log in? What about just creating a single generic "Editor" login for each one of the systems, e.g. Editor1 and Editor2? Is there a particular reason that each human editor needs their own login on these systems?


          At least on Windows 7, the preferences for Premiere Pro are saved in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Pro\5.0. There is a file called "Adobe Premiere Pro Prefs" (no extension) that you could set up in one login account, and then copy that file to each additional one. Beside that, you can save your sequence presets and they'll be stored in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Premiere Pro\5.0\Settings\Custom as .sqpreset files. You can simply copy and paste any file or files stored there, and those sequence presets will be availabe in that login, as well.


          EDIT: Saw your comment about not replicating the Avid setup; hence, my initial recommendation won't work for you. The second might, however, if I'm understanding your question correctly. The bottom line is that Premiere really isn't set up for a multi-user environment, so there are likely to be some wrinkles implementing it in such a manner.

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            KCWY_News_13 Level 1

            The main reason for the separate accounts is for allowing each user to have a folder in the E:\ Drive on each editor will be the 1 TB Scratch Drive.  These system are only going to be doing DV video for now and will use only basic edits for News packages and VO/SOT's and such.  Nothing complicated unless they want to.  When users leave every two years (Market 195) we can just delete the user and their folder to clear them out, which gets rid of all the garbage people seem to leave on the desktop.


            We have two editors and a common problem with them being stand alone (as they were with the avid systems) is a reporter would go in to Edit 1 and capture or import from camera (nNovia Media Pack) the video for a news story.  Then due to having to rush out to get another interview or breaking news they would leave for a while.  When they get back there is another user in that bay using it for the next 30 minutes to an hour and so that reporter is forced for time issues to re-capture the same content into Edit 2.  This causes wasted time and frustration.


            Other stations in our company use a server with large amounts of storage, each user has a folder on that server with all their content.  Because you can not edit across the network drives due to latency issues, they copy the Project folder with all their captured clips and files to the local drive of the editor, and go to work editing.  Then after working on that project for a while they copy it back to the server that is Backed up and has many TB of storage.


            We can't afford to build that server now so I am settling for them to work on each editors Local 1 TB Scratch Disk in a Folder called "Edit 1 Projects"


            Then when a user logs into that folder and creates a Sub Folder with their name, e.g. "Sam Johnson" that becomes their folder.  Then I am having them create individual project folders under that, e.g. "School graduation VO", "Police shooting PKG".  Because that user "Sam Johnson" created the folder he has full rights to it by using the "Creator Owner" NTFS permission I set on the Parent Folder to propagate to the child folders.  All other Domain Users can read and use other peoples video, but they do not get "Modify" rights so no user can delete other users stuff. (Another issue we had problems with on the old editor) Only and Admin or in our case the news director can delete stuff.


            The plan behind all of this is the reporter would be able to, in the same scenario I outlined above, navigate the network to the shared drive of the other editor and copy/move the subfolder they need over the network.  After the copy (which includes the captured files and project file) they could open that project and keep working.  With Gigabit speed this should not take long for smaller projects.


            I haven't tested this other than it is similar to the Benchmark project I downloaded as a Zip.  When I extracted that, I was able to open it as all the source files were included.  I am sure there would be issues when the project/files gets so large that the time to copy is as long as re-importing from the tape/camera.


            Another benefit of this is users can navigate their projects on the two editors from their desk computer in the newsroom.  With a bit of training they will be able to delete the .avi files they no longer need.  Due to the video being the largest files, they can easily do cleanup without going into the bay at all. If they want to keep a great clip of B-Roll they shot, they can burn a Data DVD from their desk.  All of this is possible being on the domain and having user rights passed from one machine to another through their network login.


            If anyone knows of a major flaw to my idea I am not thinking of let me know,



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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              you can not edit across the network drives due to latency issues


              A local news station uses SAN for it's editors with no issues.  (Using FCP, not Premiere, but latency is not an issue.)

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                KCWY_News_13 Level 1

                Everything I read said that editing SD over a Gigabit network can do ok but HD requires fiberchannel or other higher speed connection. One company that sells systems for sharing edit space, said the layers that ethernet uses causes packet delay that will lose any gain in performance your raid array in the server gave you. The more people sharing the connection the worse it gets.  The users at our other stations went low cost by just move the content local and then move it back when done.



                I may try and copy the adobe user settings folder to the default users 'Aplication Data' folder, then when new users log on they get a copy of the default user and will possibly have the presets already and maybe some other settings will cary over.



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                  KCWY_News_13 Level 1

                  I know my post is a bit old now, but I wanted to re-visit the issues.


                  We are having a lot of problems with the systems randomly crashing.  I have asked the reporters for what they were doing when it crashes but it always seems different.


                  We are also having issues where the Auto-Save files stop updating.  It is popping up every 5 minutes, but when you go to the folder for that project, the last "auto-saved" file is hours old. I know it is supposed to flip around and replace 1,2.3 etc, when the maximum number of saved files is reached. It doesn't seem to be doing this. (we have it set to 5 minutes and keep 20 copies)


                  Then I was thinking about all the times I have went into the bays to do little projects on my own for some commercial file that was sent that is in a strange format that needs dumped to DVCAM.  I have done a lot of playing with effects and other things and not had either crash even once.  So I was thinking what is different.... The only thing is I log in as Local Administrator...


                  So now I am wondering, do most people use Premiere as a Admin account?  We have two CS3 machines at our Bureau's that always have ran as a Domain User account so I didn't think that would be an issue. Do I need to give Domain Users full rights to the Premiere pro folder in Program Files?


                  I am considering going back to a single user/Power User removed from the Domain to solve this.  The limiting of people from deleting each others files is a minor "feature" to the Domain User setup I am doing.


                  One reporter the other day was working on a project and had created a new sequence for a Package.  She was saving regularly (due to the auto-save problem above) but when it crashed on her, she opened to find that sequence gone and all media that was in that sequence was also missing and had to be re-imported.


                  I am not sure what is causing this and need advice on making the systems more reliable/stable.  This is simple DV video to and from DVCAM firewire deck.


                  These are AMD Phenome X2 systems with 4 GB memory. Win7x64. 80GB boot, 1 TB Scratch disk.  Any idea's would be appreciated.


                  Thank you,