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    Two Variables need help with code

      I am in the process of learning more about action script so I am very limited on what I can do at this point. I need some help with this code.

      I have put together two Variables that have an object_1 and an object_2.
      Basically these different objects are doing the same thing, but with different time intervals
      object_1 at 50000 and object_2 at 25000

      They way I have the code now with these Variables together, only the lowest number (25000) one works.

      This is the code set up I have, but I know it is not correct to make both variables work.
      Please help me with this code so both objects work together.

      var myInterval-1=setInterval (nextSlide, 50000);
      function nextSlide() {
      object_1. ();

      var myInterval-2=setInterval (nextSlide, 25000);
      function nextSlide() {

      Thank You Bill B