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    Feedback for a personal 3D project




      In my spare time I started a personal project last year called Xplorare, the main goal was to provide a dynamic 3D viewer platform with rich contents for the learning, science and commercial markets. Unfortunately, my lack of time hasn’t allowed me to work on this project the last 6 months and I have not even reached beta state of the product. But until now Xplorare:


      • Plays animated 3d models, panoramas, turntables, images and sounds
      • Works exactly the same in both online and standalone on Windows and Mac
      • Lightweight 33 Kbytes online version (.dcr)
      • Fully dynamic an customizable (XML)
      • Fast assets integration
      • Multilanguage (1 to 5+)
      • No third-party Xtras needed
      • Time-base application (works the same on any cpu speed)
      • Ultra wide screen format 2:1 (960x480px) (suited for netbooks monitors 1024x600px)


      Despite this, I want to share with you the progress of the project with a fast implementation of the product using the Gears of War theme. I’m a big fan of this game and there are plenty of resources online. Of course, all rights of the resources used are owned by Epic Games.


      The project needs lots of work still, development and implementation of some functional parts, progress on the product editor and too many ideas still on paper.

      As much as I can I’m going to keep working in this project and any feedback will be welcome, especially in the performance that has the application on each computer (CPU) measured in FPS (showed up-right corner).

      The link to the project is:


      Thanks in advance.

      Have a nice day.