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    mp4 import problem


      I'm trying to edit a few mp4 files in Premiere but the audio comes in out of whack: in one file, the audio started off fine and in sync with the video but sometime between mins 2/3 the audio's suddenly off, and it gets worse as the video progresses; in another video, timing's off from the start.  Thing is, running either video through any player produces no problems.


      So far, I've been manually cutting the audio and video and then relinking them to get the clips I need, but it's a pain.  I'm also new to this program so I'm not familiar with its nuances and features, like if it's possible to "shift" the audio track.  That, though, might not work considering the issue of increasing audio delay as the video progresses (by the end there's almost 30sec of delay, with video coming first).


      The files themselves are encoded with h264 and AAC; the resoultion's 1280x720.  Any suggestions?  I'd prefer not to have to re-encode them, but if so, any suggestions on that front?



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          The AAC encoding makes me think this is not camera original media, which is what you should be using, but is some type of TV broadcast or Blu-ray rip, which you're not really allowed to reedit.


          If that's the case, the solution then would be to stick with camera original media.