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    Help! There is NO download for READER 9.0 on the Adobe website!!!


      There was something wrong with reader 9.0 on my vista system. There was a virus or god only knows, anyways I tried to uninstall adobe but can't. Why? I screwed up and deleted come registry keys adobe had written and corrupted the files trying to get rid of it. So now I can't uninstall. Ok so adobe help says: install reader 9.0 again and it will fix corrupted files. Then I can uninstall reader 9.0. BUT here at adobe.com there is NO 9.0 download anymore!!!! only 8.1.4 or 9.3.3!!!! Neither of these has worked and I can't find reader '9.0' installer anywhere. HOW can I get reader 9.0?

      Is there any other way to get these corrupted files out of my system? Adobe is starting to remind me of microsoft.com. NOT a compliment! If anyone can help I will be forever greatfull!!!!! Thanks in advance.