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    variable handling problem

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      Why _global.menuNum is not working globally?

      On _root timeline I have movie clip"hMenu", inside that movie clip I have
      another one, called "vMenu".
      Just like this: _root.hMenu.vMenu

      Inside vMenu I have some frames with AS:


      _global.menuState = "Opened";
      _global.menuNum = 2;

      On _root timeline I have AS:

      if(menuState == "Opened"){
      base_mc.M5.D5.onRollOver = function(){
      base_mc.M5.D5._alpha = 90;

      Now, what I'm trying to do:

      When vMenu plays to frame 30, _global.menuState is set to "Opened".
      And if vMenu is "Opened", and I rollOver this menu, it closes.
      But nothing happens, cause it seems that _root timeline is not getting this
      global variable.

      I've tested that when I trace _global.menuNum on _root timeline, nothing
      But if I trace _global.menuNum inside vMenu - it traces 2.

      Any ideas?