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    IO Error on Network Request: Any solutions yet?!


      I see threads on this going back 3 years and no solutions on hand to try.  I've completely turned off Windows Firewall, Avast and Ad-Aware are turned off.  Port 80 is open.  I can physically copy and paste the URL it gives me in the error message and pull up the .epub file.  Heck, I can read the whole thing from my computer if I want!  There is NOTHING blocking Adobe.  But Adobe keeps saying theres a network error!  I've had a Kobo for 3 days, and I'd really love to use it, but I can't, because Adobe says I can't.  Why hasn't this error been fixed?  If its fixed, why can't I find an answer?  Adobe Support told me that the Kobo isn't supported... buuut, the link he sent as proof showed that the Kobo is, in fact, a supported device.  Oh, and he closed my ticket without fixing the issue.  Fantastic.  So, what now?