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    Premiere CS5.01 stops playback..why??

    whiptail shark



      I looked into search forums first but couldnt find my problem solved unfortunately:


      I edit 5D material on Premiere  CS5.01 .

      Quadcore 64bit Win 7 Ultimate 8GB RAM, extra 2x 2TB HDDs, Blackmagic Decklink 3D Extreme

      I could edit and playback, but what keeps happening more and more is:


      I play the timeline and it just stops when at the cut from one clip to another.

      If I hit play again it goes again for a clip or two or three then it stops again at the cut of a clip

      ( in fact if I go back in the timeline it seems to keep the playback until a not played clip, then it stops again...)


      I checked the audio But i cannot change ASIO if Blackmagic Audio is set standard.

      I tried "Premiere Pro WDM sound"  instead as a standard and checked 32bit on in- and output, but that didnt do anything...

      This is really frustrating. Any ideas?