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    Problems with imported audio into PE4

    Martin GT40



      I have been using Premiere Elements 4 for a couple of years now without any real issues, including importing soundtracks into my projects.  In my latest project, I have imported 2 audio files from Haircut 100 and the Black Eyed Peas (although that's probably not relevant!) .  These 2 files play fine in itunes but when I import them into the project, they stutter on playback.  Here are some facts that might be helpful from where I have tried different things out already after looking at the forums:


      1. The audio files both have .m4a as file extentions which I believe is a Quicktime Movie. The source audio format form clip properties shows as 44100 Hz - 16 bit - Stereo

      2.  The project audio format is 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point stereo

      3.  The original video/audio input from my camera (Canon HV20) was in high definition video

      4.  There are no red lines showing in the timeline under the soundtrack section where the imported files are or in the audio section in respect of the imported video footage from my camera


      5.  The clips stutter in PE4 even before they are dragged and dropped into the timeline i.e. if you open them from the Project or Organiser sections


      6.  I have pulled in other audio files into the project that are .m4a and they seem to work ok


      7. I have tried muting the audio on the original video to see if that was clashing with the added soundtrack but that made no difference


      Can anyone shed some light on what I am doing wrong?


      Many thanks



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          iTunes music used to have software built into it that would lock it out from use in a video editing project. I think Apple has relaxed that somewhat -- but it still may not be completely compatible in its native format.


          Try downloading the free program Audacity -- a program I call in my Premiere Elements books a must-have. If you open the song in Audacity, you'll find the option to save it as either an MP3 or WAV.


          Try converting your iTunes stuff to a WAV before you bring it into Premiere Elements and see if that solves your problem.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Steve, and would add that from Audacity, do a Save_As PCM/WAV (Uncompressed) at 48KHz 16-bit. This will not restore the fidelity lost with the compression of the MPEG, but will give you a file that is easy to Import, playback and edit. I would NOT choose MP3, as that format/CODEC can be highly problematic. I stay far away from working in MP3.


            If you could get those source files on CS (CDA format), just ripping that CD to the above specs. will give you higher fidelity, as there is no MPEG compression involved.


            Good luck, and when you Import the WAV files, give PrE a few moments to complete the Conforming and PEK (Waveform Display) file generation. With PCM/WAV Audio files, this will be very, very quick, but do be patient.



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              Martin GT40 Level 1

              Thanks Steve and Bill,


              I downloaded Audacity and that seems to have done the trick.  Initially I could not open either the itunes file or the files direct from the CD.  When I downloaded the ffmpeg codec for Audacity, that seemed to do the trick for the itunes file.  For the CD, I had to rip it first using Windows Media Player, and then Audacity would open up the ripped file. They both then came into Premiere Elements without issue - problem solved.


              Many thanks!



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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Great news!


                I always convert all Audio to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit, outside my NLE (Non Linear Editor). Regardless which other formats and Sample-Rate/Bit-Depth the program is stated to support, I have zero problems with the above specs. Others - well not so much. That conversion is just a step in my standard workflow.


                Good luck,




                PS - though free, Audacity is a nice little program. Steve also has some very useful articles on using it, over at Muvipix. I often have to stop by there, as I need refresher course from time to time. I use Adobe Audition mostly, so do not use Audacity often enough to keep all the operations firmly in my tired, old mind. Really good articles.