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    How to save data inside the SWF file?



      As part of a project I am working on, I would like to know if it would be possible to store some data in the actual flash file.


      Let me make this clear now... I DO NOT WANT TO USE COOKIES!


      I need to be able to save some data to the SWF itself, NOT to the local computer.


      To be more specific, I need to store a set of URL's, but they also need to be added by the file, so...


      Lets say i have a button that when you click, will make a text box appear, and you type in some urls such as:






      I then have a button that says "Save" and this will save these 3 URL's. I then would have the SAME SWF display these URL's (these will be URLs of Images). The important part is, these 3 URLs MUST BE READ by everyone who views the swf afterwards, so if I were to enter some URLS of Images, when someone else views the page, they will see the images that i entered. This is why it cannot be a cookie, as their computer will not see my cookie.


      Even if the data cant be stored in the SWF itself, i will need some way to load this information where ever the swf is viewed.