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    Sound file cut off in SWF (CS5)


      This problem has just come to our attention... is it a bug or are we doing something wrong?


      I have a sound file that is attached to the Over state of a button.

      I open the Edit Envelope dialog box and change the In and Out points of the sound.


      On the Stage, with Enable Simple Buttons active, the sound works as planned, triggered on the Over state and playing the part that is indicated by the edited in and out points on the envelope.


      When I use the Test Movie command (or publish the file), the edited sound cuts off abruptly in the middle of the sound.


      Any sound that has not been edited in Flash plays exactly as expected and is not truncated.


      This occurs on both Mac and Windows (32 bit).


      Help please?????

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          Karthik R. Level 2

          I tried reproducing the same on a Flash CS 5 set up.

          I imported a 5 min sound clip. I edited the sound clip withing Flash and set the start point and end point to around 2.5 seconds


          I tested the movie and it worked just fine.

          If possible could you try editing another sound clip in flash and let me know if it works?

          otherwise please send me the sound clip for testing

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            ELK2010 Level 1

            [[[I tried emailing a reply with the files, but it just posted the reply here]]]


            In the FLA file, the "Shoes" button has an attached sound, where I used the Edit Envelope option to remove "Dead Air" at the beginning of the sound clip.


            The "Home Furnishings" also has a sound file attached, but that one has not been edited.


            When you test the movie in flash player and roll over the shoes button, the sound is cut off half way through the word "apparel".



            It seems like editing the in point of a sound is what is causing the problem. Editing the Out point does not have the same effect.

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              ELK2010 Level 1

              Is there some way to upload test files to these forums?