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    Photoshop CS5 MS Visual C + +Runtime Error R6025

    LindyMelendez Level 1

      Im  running a 4 core AMD and just started having this problem today with  Photoshop only when I start it . All the other programs are fine. Can someone come out  with a solution. PS has been running on my system great for 2-3 months.

      Any help would be appreciated !

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          fmk090 Level 1

          Did you try reinstall PS?

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            dec9 Level 5

            Found this by google:



            Try resetting the prefs by reading this: May help may not but it is a easy fix. You have to time it right though.



            To me it sounds like something in photoshop became corrupt. In the software itself or the registry entries somewhere? Hard to say. Best bet, as already mentioned, is to reinstall PS CS5. Make sure you deactivate the software (if you can?).


            Before you do remove the software go to start, search programs and files, and type in cmd. Righty click on cmd.exe and choose run as admin. A black looking box will show up. Type in sfc /scannow and hit enter. This will scan your OS files for errors and attempt to fix them. Have your windows 7 disk ready incase it asks for it. Also you may need to reboot to fix something. If you do reboot make sure once the computer is started and stable, do the command again until it comes up good with no errors.


            Also run a virus scan in the safe mode to ensure nothing has infected your machine. Also to be a little bit more sure: While in the the safe mode type in MRT and hit enter. This is a microsoft tool to detect and remove viruses. Just run a quick scan. If something is found and removed then do a full scan afterwards.


            Now PS CS5 might have a repair option on it when you put the disk in. Choose that first and see if that fixes the problem. If not then deactivate, remove, run the PS CS5 cleaner from the adobe web page, and reinstall. Make sure you run the software as admin. Don't install, explore the disk and look in the PS folder. Look for the .exe file, right click on that and choose run as admin. This will ensure the proper security levels.


            Make sure you turn off any anti-virus software first. Turn off Windows defender if installed and running

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              LindyMelendez Level 1

              Thanks for the reply, I tried all of your suggestions with no success. I am really losing my patients here. I need this in order to work.

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                Noel Carboni Level 8

                What operating system are you running?


                If it's one of the modern ones, you could use the System Restore feature to roll your system back to a restore point where Photoshop was working.



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                  LindyMelendez Level 1

                  I am running Win 7 Ultimate.

                  a restore to a earlier point was the first thing I did.

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                    Noel Carboni Level 8

                    You restored to a time when you know it was working and it didn't fix the problem?  Did you try going even further back?


                    Some basic stuff to cover:


                    • Have you updated Photoshop to 12.0.1
                    • Have you updated your video and tablet drivers (if any) to the latest release?
                    • Have you tried using the Windows SFC tool to see if the operating system is corrupted (e.g., SFC /VERIFYONLY or SFC /SCANNOW)?
                    • Have you tried reinstalling Photoshop?




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                      Hylander12871 Level 1

                      I'm having this exact same problem as well.  CS5 32-bit works just fine, but when I start 64-bit, I get the Runtime error.   Everything else seems to be working fine.  I'm using Windows 7 ultimate and never had a problem before, but I hadn't tried the 64-bit version in quite some time so I'm not sure when the problem may have actually began.  However, I did have a rather larger Adobe update today with numerous programs getting updated.


                      I did a sfc scan and there were no errors. 

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                        Danielflare Level 1

                        Am also having the same problem. Having runtime error on photoshop cs5 64 bit. I've done all of the above suggestions and even ran a registry cleaner. Still the same problem.


                        Anyone any advise?

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                          roxs101 Level 1

                          i've encountered  the same problem.


                          in my case, the error happens when i use the copy and paste shortcut (ctrl+x/c and ctrl+v)


                          because of the jdownloader app  that detects the copy info, thus causing the crash


                          disabling the jdownloader copy detection links function solved the runtime error.


                          if this doesn't work. then it probably is a different problem.


                          anyway this solution was posted by someone else i came across long ago.


                          hope this helps.



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                            thePurpleshorts Level 1

                            I, too got "Runtime Error!   Program C:\Progra...  R6025 - pure virtual function call" when I tried to open a Cap5 in Cap7. It turned out that the widget I was using was causing the issue. I deleted the widget in the Cap5 version, and opened it in Cap7, and got a new version of the widget. That worked for me... for a while.


                            Problem solved? Not so fast. 3 months later, I need to edit the updated Cap7 files - in Cap7. The files will not open. The message has returned. "R6025 pure virtual function call"


                            I cannot open my files in Cap7, I cannot open them in Cap5 (because Captivate is not backward compatible) and the client wants the update in 3 days.