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    Help with Splitting AVI files

    bbrault Level 1

      I am starting a 20+hrs of DV video importing using PE7.


      I can either import each tape into one large .avi file or split (by timecode) each tape into many .avi files.


      I would prefer to import each tape into one large file BUT  if I do so I cannot automatically split the large .avi file by timecode (only by scene detection)

      I do not want to use scene detection because it generates too many scenes.


      In PE7, is there a way to split the .avi (by timecode) once it has been imported into one large file?


      Few additional questions:


      1- Can someone also explain in the preference/capture what the following setting does: "use device control timecode"?

      2- Is the metadata time/date stamp of my DV tape, imported and stored in the .avi?




      Thank-You for your help.