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    Air Application Issue. new windows.


      Hi guys, How are you?.


      I'm developing a Desktop application using flex/air And I don't know how to create new windows.


      I've got the main menu of my program. which is A <s:WindowedApplication>. And now I want to create a new window. So I created a <S:window> file.

      In my main Menu (<s:WindowedApplication>)  I've got a button which allows the user to open the <s:Window> window. and this is the code I put on it:


      this code is in the <s:WindowedApplication> class.(main menu).

                     public var myWindowInstance:myWindow = new myWindow();     
                     protected function openNewWindow():void{



      It's works quite well, however I get some issues:


      1- Once the user open the window and close it, the button stop working. I mean, the button works only once.

      2- As the window has many items. (buttons-textAreas-ComboBox) it takes like 2 seconds to open.


      Thank you. And I apologize for my english is not my native language.