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    Short Previews cause Need to Purge after each; 8 Gig Ram though!


      I just upgraded to CS5 from CS3 and upgraded computers to a Win7 64 bit, i7 930, 8 Gig Ram.  Upon initially doing a ram preview on my project, it works fine and fills up to the preset ceiling of about 6 Gig of ram.  Subsequent previews, however, are a fraction of the length of the original, and looking at the memory monitor as I do this, it appears that AE is not starting from beginning of the ram but using whatever was left after the last preview, which depending on the the last preview, could leave almost no memory/preview time.  If I purge all, it *somewhat* corrects the problem but not entirely.  I can never again get the full length of the original preview unless I restart AE.  This behavior seemed to start midway during the creation of the project.


      I have updated my ATI drivers, checked all preferences, uninstalled and reinstalled AE, to no avail.  Nor does it appear that AE is behaving as I have been used to for years, where ram previews merely update that portion of the work area that has been changed since last preview (I know that purge affects this, I'm saying when I don't do the purge).  Maybe I'm missing something obvious, apologies if so.


      Help very much appreciated!!