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    Bean to CFC, Quirky one..

      Well, I'm at my wits end with this one. I've had several people stare at it.

      I am passing a custom data type (bean) to a function via a webservice to do updating in a database. My invoke statement looks like this.

      QuoteBean = createObject("component","apps.webservices.quote");
      QuoteBean.Quote_ID = 40000;
      QuoteBean.Lob_ID = 2;
      QuoteBean.Branch_ID = 4;

      ws = createObject("webservice", " http://sanintdev01/apps/webservices/quotelog.cfc?wsdl");

      My function looks like this

      <cffunction name="displayBean" access="remote" returntype="quote">
      <cfargument name="QuoteBean" type="quote" required="true" />
      (update query)
      <cfreturn QuoteBean />

      For some reason, when my type="quote" on my argument is set I get a type mismatch. I'm obviously passing it a complex type of "quote". No idea why it's bombing. The interesting part is, when I change that to type="any" - it runs fine.

      A few things to consider which I have done.
      1. I've made sure to account for case sensetivity
      2. I've made sure the paths are accurate
      3. I've made sure the WSDL looks good

      Really stuck on this one, anyone?