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    calling a function in an imported class

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      I have a class that I am using in my flash movie. In that class I have a
      function to validate a form in my file. The function looks something
      like this:
      public function validateForm(tName:String, tAddress1:String,
      tAddress2:String, tCity:String, tState:String, tZip:String,
      tPhone:String, tFax:String, tEmail:String, tMsg:String...):Void {
      trace("validate called!");
      //validation code...

      I am trying to call that function like this:
      on (release, releaseOutside, dragOut) {
      _root.$main.validateForm(_parent.tf_name.text, _parent.tf_company.text,
      _parent.tf_title.text, _parent.tf_address.text, _parent.tf_city.text...);

      I know the button is working for sure, but I can't get the trace to
      fire in the validateForm function.

      What could be wrong?

      Thank you for any help!