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    Compare 2 dates - LC ES ver 8.2




      This may seem to be a very elementary questions but I am missing something that I have not been able to identify and am asking for anyone's assitance with this.


      In my form I am comparing two dates (<Date1> and <Date2>).  If <Date2> is less that <Date1> I would like to display a message box and then set the focus to <Date1>.


      I have tried numerous variations using Date2Num and .Rawvalue but the code seems to be skipping the IF THEN statement and goes directly to displaying the message.  On Exit from the <Date2> field the message box appears regardless if the date is less than, equal to, or greater than <Date1.


      Here is the code...


      topmostSubform.Page1.<Date2>::exit - (FormCalc, client)



      (Date2Num(<Date2>,"DD-MMM-YY") < Date2Num(<Date1>,"DD-MMM-YY")) then

      xfa.host.messageBox("<<< CAUTION >>> Your <Date2> cannot be earlier than your <Date1>. Please correct your <Date1> date. Thank You")