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    Adobe Help App for Mac - Thumbs Down


      I don't know where to put this, so since I'm using Premiere Pro right now, I guess I'll post it here...


      First of all, I can't stay logged in when using the help app because the silly "stay logged in" checkbox won't check!


      Secondly, the help app is sluggish compared to a regular browser. I would much prefer to use my web browser of choice, but I don't because Adobe messed up the whole browser UI by eliminating the frame-based approach that was used in CS3 (I skipped CS4). This means that the table of contents disappears when a new page is visited, which drastically reduces the utility of the help. Why Adobe chose to create its own web browser is beyond me. And why the browser UI is so lame is beyond me too. In an age of Web 2.0, HTML5, web apps, AJAX, and such, a super slick browser UI for product help could have been created; but no, we're stuck with a sluggish help app that can't even keep me logged in.