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    Help with Roto Brush

    Modus21 Level 1

      I've been making mattes of some animations but Roto Brush seems to be working against me. I'll brush the borders frame by frame but eventually it will start 'propagating' the frames. This ruins the borders I've made in past frames and I can't understand why Roto brush would correct work I've already done.


      Is there a way to shut off propagation or is there a concept I'm not understanding? Thanks for any help.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Roto Brush works by using the corrective strokes that you've made on one frame to make better decisions on other frames. The word 'propagation' refers to the processing and use of this information from one frame on other frames. Propagation happens in only one direction: away from the base frame. If you work away from the base frame, a frame at a time, there is no way that a corrective stroke that you make will change or undo or in any way affect work that you've done on previous frames.


          Please read this page carefully, and watch the tutorials that it links to.

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            Modus21 Level 1

            OK thanks. I have a better understanding of the tool now. I wasn't using it quite right.. but I was close


            Great job on this new tool guys. It's seriously blowing my mind.