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    Unused Rectangle frame removal

    mikeybabes68 Level 1

      Hi scripters


      I am using data merge to generate some menu tables via simple csv import, however i generate about 300pages worth.


      The template uses a mixture of a graphic file or plain text as inported data.

      however when i have completed i need to remove all unused frames from all the pages. the reason is i have some frames and text next to eachother as part of the design when not used i would hand select all them with the visual cross as seen visuall and just delete.


      i am unable to find how i can check all frames which have no files associated to them and just do a bulk delete.


      I expect the answer is less words this the message.


      I new to scripting, and trying to use reference is a task in itself.


      Any pointers is much appreciated.


      It's a shame data merge does only just the basic part, the tidy up process just takes as long.


      thanks for reading.

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          brettpolo Level 1

          Assuming that the graphic frames are all rectangles:


          rects = app.activeDocument.rectangles;
          for (i = rects.length; i--;){
               if (rects[i].graphics.length == 0){
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            mikeybabes68 Level 1



            This indeed works perfectly.


            However I have emedded the rectangles inside a text frame, as i used tabs on some fields.


            I am unsure why the rectangles object is not removed when this is case.


            I select one rectangle item and on JAVAScript Console execute app.selection[0]

            it correctly returns as Result: [object Rectangle]


            it would be nice if there was a more detailed method to return full information.


            I guess there is some differences in details when part of an embedded.rectangle my knowledge at the moment is unable to find this.


            Thanks for your time.

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              Shonkyin Level 3

              Use this code for removing box within stories.


              var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
              var myStories = myDoc.stories;
              for (var a= 0; a<myStories.length; a++)
                   var myPictureBox = myStories[a].rectangles;
                   for (p = myPictureBox.length-1; p>=0; p--)
                        if (myPictureBox[p].graphics.length == 0)




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                mikeybabes68 Level 1



                This works perfect.


                I will learn from your information. I hope other people can also find it helpful.


                Thanks to this forum for such expert advise.