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    ACR and the internet

    Jenni Horsnell

      I am having issues with ACR 6.1  not being able to display a raw image when I have any internet pages open. If I close the internet, ACR works fine.


      Does anyone have any idea why this is happening.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Robert Shomler Level 4

          What do you see when ACR 6.1 does not display a raw image?  Where do these raw files reside?  Did you invoke ACR from Bridge?   via Open from Photoshop?   clicking on raw file in windiws explorer?

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Does the problem occur if you run Internet Explorer without Add-ons?  From Windows 7 or Vista, click the Start menu and type Internet into the search box.  When Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) comes up, click it.


            http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Tips-for-solving-problems-with-Internet-E xplorer


            If running without Add-ons solves the problem, you can consider choosing Tools - Manage Add-ons from within Internet Explorer and removing all you don't know you need.


            Hope this helps!



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              Jenni Horsnell Level 1

              Thanks for your reply.

              RAW files reside on the data drive D.

              When I double click on a RAW thumbnail in bridge, this opens ACR. The ACR page is displayed correctly but no image, just the background and a border where the image should be. Sometimes it will display just a very small portion of the image somewhere within the image box. This only happens when I have IE or firefox pages open. If I leave ACR, close the web pages, then go back into ACR, the image displays ok.

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                Jenni Horsnell Level 1

                Noel, thanks for responding. I will check about the add ons but it also happens in firefox.

                I am running IE8 and win XP after formatting my hard drive. Upgraded to CS5 from CS4. Previously no issues with CS4 and IE7,

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                  Level 4

                  Jenni Horsnell wrote:


                  …I am running IE8 and win XP…


                  What kind of machine?  I've personally ran across two Windows laptops and one MacBook that had issues with the video card interacting with the Internet, all of them running one external monitor each.  In all three instances the issue was solved by connecting the respective monitor through its analog rather the digital video input. 


                  I know, voodoo.  Go figure.



                  Wo Tai Lao Le


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                    Jenni Horsnell Level 1

                    Turning off IE add-ons doesnt make any difference. I did however, turn off my Prevx virus software, namely the 'Realtime protection' and ACR worked fine. I opened several browser windows and ACR displayed the RAW files correctly. I then turned on Prevx, went back into bridge, double clicked a raw file to open in ACR and again, no image.

                    Seems it is something to do with Prevx.

                    Prior to reformatting the drive, CS4, ACR, IE7 and Prevx all worked fine together.

                    Can anyone suggest anything that might help.

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                      Yammer Level 4

                      You'd probably get a more informed answer from the Prevx support/community.

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                        Jenni Horsnell Level 1

                        As I have only just found out that Prevx  might be an issue, I havent contacted the Prevx forums yet, but I will.

                        Seems odd that things were fine with CS4, ACR, IE7 and Prevx before formatting.

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                          Noel Carboni Level 8

                          Wow, antivirus software killing Camera Raw.  That's a new one for me.


                          If you do find yourself looking for a new antivirus package, may I recommend Avast antivirus Pro.  I've been using it on my systems since XP x64 (then Vista x64 and 32 bit, then Windows 7 x64 and 32 bit), and they really know their stuff, especially with 64 bit systems.  It's non-intrusive and very efficient.  You really don't know it's there, but it does protect well.



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                            Hudechrome Level 2

                            I had similar problems with Panda a year or so ago, so I quit and now use Microsoft Essentials. Free and works well. My Spybot never finds a problem, and with Panda, it always found a few left over.

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                              Jenni Horsnell Level 1

                              Noel & Hudechrome,

                              I don't particularly want to change virus software as I have only just re-newed the license. My gripe is why did it work perfectly before the CS5 upgrade.!!


                              I will wait and see if the Prevs forums come up with anything.


                              Thanks for your replies.

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                                Noel Carboni Level 8

                                Chances are good that the AV software is detecting a "false positive" with Adobe Camera Raw.  This is almost certainly a problem with the antivirus software, and not Photoshop.


                                I can appreciate your not wanting to throw it out.  Try reporting the problem to the Prevs people.  If they don't respond (which they should) then you should probably throw it out (request a refund).