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    What Would you like to see changed in FC?


      Hello everybody,
      just  a little introduction, as announced flash catalyst would solve the  problem of many designers to publish their work without one line of  code, well, here begins a death foretold. At  some point things to go well but then the problems begin a dependence  to have a programmer on the left arm in addition to the program is  rather limited. Flash is already incorporating the AS3 language, now wonder why launch a program with a new language, rather confusing, no? as  a designer I do not want to worry about programming, but concentrate on  the aesthetic aspect of my layout, which is why I found interesting the  coming of the catalyst. it was all a lie, or say one more death will be announced shortly birth. but we believe that all this will change and enable designers to express their skills as designers and media .... without a single line of code. otherwise the flash is fine and the catalyst becomes an obsolete program. finally,  each monkey on its branch and rethink that, besides confusing the  catalyst does not become functional in the optical designer.

      What would you like to see changed in Catalyst?
      - Most states

      - can apply Form Email etc

      - better handling of text
      - No dependence with programmers, or if it is not possible to incorporate code changes in the proper catalyst

      more there, and hopefully remember me

      I  want to thank The Adobe team that created the opportunity to open new  horizons to the class of designers, I still think that the catalyst has  great potential ,.... but not the way it is.

      Thank you for your attention

      and say what they liked to see