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    ACR 6.2 and PSE8


      I have ACR 6.1 in PSE8, will 6.2 work or is it only for CS5? Thanks.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          If Adobe keeps to past tradition, you will be able to use all releases in the 6.x series with your copy of Photoshop Elements, though the installation procedure has been a bit more manual for Elements than the full version (i.e., you have to copy a file rather than running an integrated updater).  Nothing that can't be managed with a little care, though.



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            MTSTUNER Level 6

            Just clarify a bit. The beta version of 6.2 is for cs5, but the

            released version of 6.2 (due out anytime now) should work

            with pse8.




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              efciv Level 1

              Ok thanks. I'm not getting anywhere with the beta version, but I will try again with the release version.