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    urls and mail links in scrolling panels


      Hi everybody...


      all new to flash catalyst here and i am struggling a bit with a project i am working on. I would like to build a scroll panel that has individual web and mail links within each repeated item of the data list. however i cannot add any interaction to the content of the data list. is there any way to do that within flash catalyst or is this the software's limit... as i have no clue about coding...


      thanks a lot for any helpful tipps to a newbie!


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          YKCreativeArts Level 2

          You should be able to add interaction on data list just from FC, you require no other software. Just come into the normal state of the application, select the list item, choose "Add Interaction" in Interactions panel. Here you may choose any action like "Play Actions sequence/Play transition to state/Go to URL/etc". Make sure that you choose this interaction only when specific item of the list is selected like item 0/1/2/... .


          Hope it helps.

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            oliver.herrmann.sb Level 1



            you are right... i got that solution just after posting my problem... however i can only add interaction to the entire repeated item of the data list... but i was looking for a solution to have several interaction spots for each repeated item... for instance a list of people or companies. the repeated item would contain an image of the contact person, several text objects for adress, phone number... an email link as well as a web adress. Is it possible to arrange the data list in a way that you could click either on the mail link or the web link of each data list entry? As far as i understood the interaction refers to the complete repeated item of the list... even if you reduce the interaction area... within the repeated item for each person you could not make a difference between clicking on the mail adress and clicking on the web adress, right?



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              Tanya Heins-9t72lf



              Chris has a good discussion of the dataList (scrolling list) here:



              Re. multiple click areas, I think you would need to import your fxp file into Flash Builder to add multiple click areas within the data grid.


              Hope this helps.