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    apperance options

      how to use appearance option in the director ....
      mask and drag mask option
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          The mask is kind of like an alpha channel for the stage. By setting a window’s mask property to a 1 bit image the visible portion of the window will be the black bits in the image, the white bits will show the desktop or whatever is behind the projector. This works for both MIAWs and the stage. The drag mask is similar but the black bits indicate the portion of the window that is a “hot” area allowing the user to drag the window around (for a normal rectangular window this would be the title bar area) Don’t put buttons or other interactive elements under the drag mask, the drag mask will intercept all mouse events and not pass them down to the stage or MIAW, cut holes in the drag mask for buttons if necessary (ie: draw white areas in your drag mask where you need buttons). One cool thing you can do with masks is mask a video without turning off the direct to stage option. This allows irregular or at least non-rectangular video without seriously hurting performance (turning off DTS will kill performance on most entry level machines)