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    Prevent SWF from caching?

    MVatndal Level 1



      I have a problem here, I've been searching on google and through forums for hours now trying to find a way to prevent my site from cache in browsers. I know it's not possible to "prevent" it from caching, but it's a way to trick the browser into thinking it needs to load the SWF again instead of just getting the one from the cache.


      Now I've tried many types but I can't get it to work. I don't understand how to implement it into AS or Javascript and what goes where..


      My site is set up by one parent SWF combined with a HTML script and 6 child SWF's, and they are updating all the time so I really need this function.


      See it here: http://www.vgn.no


      The most used one is this I think or something close:




      If someone knows a better please tell.


      But how do I use it? Can someone please explain where it goes and will it work on several child SWF's?


      Thanks in advance.