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    R.G.B Curves in ACR6/LR3

    shogo sasaki

      I need help.
      How do I get separate color (R. G. B) curves in LR3/ACR6? The tone curve tool only shows one curve. It appears that this one curve is the luminance or RGB curve.
      Is there any way, for instance, to get blue curve separately?
      The slide in the color tool does not work the same way.



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          I know of no way to manipulate R, G, and B tone curves separately in Camera Raw.


          But you can always complete the conversion and do the Curves work in Photoshop proper via Image - Adjust - Curves.  You'll likely want to convert to deep (16 bit) data and make sure you convert to a profile that can accept the entire gamut of your image data (e.g., ProPhoto RGB).


          You could try the various different profiles provided (available on the 7th tab), and there is the possibility of setting up your very own profile, using the profile editor available from Adobe Labs.  That gets a little geeky, but it's doable.



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            shogo sasaki Level 1

            Thank you for your help. I had no idea this feature was not included in ACR. I mean even DPP (Free from Canon) has this feature.


            I will follow your advice.


            Thanks again.