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    Flash Activity works fine on PC and laptop but not on 'Net.


      I've put together a little flash activity for my educational website, and although it works perfectly on my PC (I also zipped it up and passed it onto my laptop, where it also works perfectly), when I try to open it after uploading it to the website, all it shows is the background.


      Can anyone help?


      HTM file: http://www.e-tutoringonline.org/file.php/1/multimatch_elt.htm

      SWF File: http://www.e-tutoringonline.org/file.php/1/multimatch_elt.swf


      To download the ZIP file I passed onto my laptop: http://www.e-tutoringonline.org/file.php/1/FlashFiles.zip (contains no exes)