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    Different font rendering depending on image transparency




      please take a look at this file:

      http://www.jtartlabs.com/test/test.pdf (this is not my server and not my files, but they illustrate my problem)


      The two pages in this file render differently on my system, as can be seen here:



      Reader 9.3.4, Windows 7 x64, also on Windows XP SP3 32 bit


      The file was created using tex and this minimal example:


      Surrounding text is NORMAL
      Surround text is BOLD



      You see that there should be no difference in the pages except for two different image files, but obviously there is. This effect goes away as soon as I disable the "Smooth text" option, but this is ugly and I cannot expect my readers to do so.


      It SEEMS that part of the problem is that singleclickbutton3 has some transparency information, while singleclickbutton2 does not. (All the files are available at http://www.jtartlabs.com/test/).


      What causes this issue? More important, what can I do to prevent it - either in tex or using a postprocessor?