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    Understanding ActionScript 3


      I have spent hours trying to understand ActionScript 3.0


      I've watched tutorials from Lynda.com and did more research reading blogs and conversations. I've downloaded ActionScript Reference document which by the way wasn't easy to find and can't make heads or tails of it.


      I hear terms like "functions" and "EventListeners". Everything is so complicated and though I'm sure there is a logic to it I'm still trying to get a feel for it.


      I want to be able to reference a dictionary and a grammar document for ActionScript 3. In other words, I would like to have a document designed to define the components and help me to write appropriate statements. Adobe's help files are so frustrating to use and are structured like a maze.

      More often than not I hit a wall and can't find a solution.


      I was told about Adobe Air and I've since downloaded it. I understand that it can do things that Flash alone can't. All I've wanted to do with Actionscript and Flash was to create a menu / catalogue of my movies that could also play my movie files in Windows Media Player. Adobe Air is supposed to make that possible but I can't refer to anything that makes sense to make it happen. I've played around with ActionScript 3 mind you and have gotten around understanding the language by copying and pasting code snipets. I don't like doing it this way because I feel it's like speaking in a foreign tongue not knowing what I'm talking about. It's also very limiting... I don't even see why Adobe doesn't provide more help to it's customers.


      I've noticed that CS5's Flash actually comes with some code samples... seems like a no brainer to me that this should have been developed further.


        So my question is... how to understand ActionScript 3.0 - where to get definitions for the components and what are the rules or what is the structure of this language? I'm a graphic artist not a programmer but I can't get my projects off the ground until I master this stuff.


      A little help please?