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    Get real time data into your flex applications with e4x and XML, an inexpensive neat approach

      Flex applications are becoming very popular for their rich UI
      capabilities, but without FDS(Flex Data Services) it becomes quite a
      hard task to tie these applications with the real time server data.
      FDS is quite expensive and need server side deployment to work.

      I explain a plain simple way to get data into a flex application from
      back-end server using e4x and XML with strongly typed generated action
      script objects.

      Please find my latest article in Flex Developer Journal for further

      Article in Flex Developer Journal
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          Perhaps you can answer a question of mine in another post on this forum, posted here:

          http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=60&catid=585&threadid =1294616&enterthread=y

          Basically, in a nutshell, I've spoken with a colleague who has a group of expert Flex developers, and they report around an order of magnitude performance degradation in using E4X and XMLListCollection objects vs. using ArrayCollections. I searched around for any information on this and found the following blog post:


          This blog post refers to memory issues experienced, and apparently confirmed by Adobe personnel when using E4X, and , like my colleague, strongly recommends using strongly typed AS objects, and not E4X throughout the application. I am trying to confirm all of this, and understand exactly the recommended architecture -- I am using HTTP/REST invocations, and am trying to determine whether an object-XML approach vs. E4X approach is desirable. Based on my colleague's recommendations, and this blog post, which are the only sources of information I have found which speak to performance, it would seem that E4X should be avoided. If you can shed any light on this, I would greatly appreciate it.