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    Making my game in Flash - a few questions


      Hello all, I am quite new to Flash but I have a few years of experience in the other CS software, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. I downloaded the trial version of Flash and started working through some tutorials last night so I can get my feet wet with it.


      Anyway, I have a game that I would like to create, and I never considered making it Flash-based until I started working with Flash yesterday. I made this game in a board game form about 8 years ago, and it revolves around giant monsters ala Godzilla, etc. It is turn-based and two players move pawns space-by-space around the board and attack by rolling a die and then using a corresponding attack on the card. There are also some simple environmental objects, such as buildings around the arena that can be destroyed and used strategically. I would describe the game as a strategy game with elements of a card game and also simple RPGs. There are five levels of cards, and when you score a certain number of points, you level up to the next round of cards. You win the game by reaching a certain number of points. When I made this game, I also included very detailed rules and such with it, so that part is finished at least.


      Is this a feasible project to use Flash to do?