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    "Rough" GIF export from ActionScript 3 files impossible?




      I just upgraded from Flash CS3 to Flash CS5, and I've been playing with the various new features. However, I've just encountered an odd problem that I can't seem to find a solution to.


      In the past, I've made animated GIFs in CS3 by exporting them with the "Smooth" box unchecked. This was really convenient for me because not only could I export crisp pixel bitmaps from Flash, but I could edit it in another program later. I was planning on making some GIF animations via this process with the aid of the bone tool in CS4 and 5.


      When I tried exporting frames of of a figure created with the bone tool in CS5, however, I got images that were fuzzy and often had distorted colors. After some time, I realized that this was because in CS3, I had exported the images from ActionScript 2 files, while the bone tool only works in ActionScript 3 files.


      Is it not possible to export "rough" GIFs from ActionScript 3 files, or is there a trick to doing that that I'm somehow missing?

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          Karthik R.

          I tried to create my own image and used the bone tool to make the hinges move. When I exported the image with the smooth option unchecked I could get a "Rough" GIF image. If it is possible please upload the image you are reffering to. I could try and reproduce your problem here

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            Akril3672 Level 1

            I'm sorry for not making it clear in my initial post, but it doesn't matter whether I create an image using the bone tool or not -- any GIF image exported from an AS3 file always has an antialiased appearance, even when the Smooth box is unchecked.


            To show you what I mean, here's a simple GIF image I exported from an AS2 file:


            Notice that all of the lines are simple and pixellated, with no antialiasing at all. This is the kind of GIF I want to export from an AS3 file.


            Now here's the exact same image I exported from an AS3 file, with the exact same export settings:


            As you can see, all of the lines look smoothed, even though I made sure the Smooth box was unchecked.


            Is there anything I can do to correct this problem?

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              Akril3672 Level 1

              Well, it seems like the only way I can export truly unsmoothed images from an AS3 file is to copy the frames to an AS2 file and export images from there. For figures animated with the bone tool, I'll have to convert their movements to a sequence of keyframes before doing that.


              I suppose I can consider this question answered now.