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    unsupported audio codec in Flv file

    rkbkbvrkbqfvvkjbqfvkbkqfj Level 2

      Hi All


      I've been sent a link to an FLV file that plays in the browser and when downloaded plays in Adobe Media Player.


      However, when I try to import it into Flash, I get the error message


      unsupported audio codec


      It'll bring in the video no problem.


      I've tried to use Adobe Media Encoder to convert the file but it doesn't see the audio either.


      Is this some kind of protection on the audio? What am I missing?



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          Karthik R. Level 2

          You have a lot of softwares on the net that tell you what kind of video and audio encoding is used when creating a video file.

          FLV Viewer is one such software.


          Open the video and find out if the audio encoding is supported my flash player. (Flash player supports mp3,mp4 and aac encoding as of now)


          If the audio does not play back even then, it could mean the file might be corrupt.